Wendbooks FAQs

If you are new to Wendbooks then this is the place to start from. Most of your questions will be answered here.

1 - What is Wendbooks?

Wendbooks is a modern style Accounting, Stock Control and CRM system developed using the latest Microsoft framework and WPF technology to satisfy the majority of any client needs. It is a cloud system, installed on your local computer with a cloud hosted database. All you need is a Windows computer and internet connection. The full version runs on a Windows computer but you can also run a basic version with limited functionality on your Android device. Learn more …

2 - I am an inexperienced user. Is it easy to use?

One of our main goals is to develop a modern style accounting system that is easy to be used even from inexperienced users.

3 - Is it a cloud or a desktop system?

The database is hosted for mobility and other benefits, yet the application is installed on your desktop computer. You may install the application to as many computers you want. For example if you own one license then you may install the application on two or more computers but you will only be allowed to open it up from one computer at a time. This helps mobility since you may want to access customer data from both office, home or country house computer.

4 - What is the back end database?

We use the latest Microsoft SQL Express as a back end database

5 - Are my data save on the cloud?

We host the databases on branded and reliable data centers overseas in Europe that ensure high availability, GDPR compliance, daily backups and high internet bandwidth.

6 - Can I host my data locally?

No, you can host your data locally, Wendbooks is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service). Before you completely discard the idea of having your databases hosted on the cloud, just think about the cost of setting up your own infrastructure plus the cost of the support needed to maintain both infrastructure  and databases. After considering that, we are sure that you maybe, change your mind for hosting your own databases locally. 🙂

7 - What is the licensing policy?

The software is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service). The license fee is per database per user and it is based on a monthly / annual subscription basis.

8 - How much does it cost for a small business and one user license?

For a small database up to 100 mb and one user license subscription prices start from as low as Euro 40.00 per month (vat excluded). As your business database grows then you may consider changing to another database plan. See our prices page for a full price listing. If you have something in mind then simply contact us to discuss your needs. I am sure we will work something out for you. 🙂

9 - Is the subscription price fixed?

Prices  are fixed at the time of the agreement for the selected plan and number of users, and will remain the same during the period you keep your subscription active except in cases where other uncontrolled outside factors determine differently. In case that you change the plan or add more users then a new agreement / contract is required and the prices given for the new plan and or new users will be the prices listed at the date of the new agreement.

10 - What are the differences between Wendbooks Plans?

We strongly believe that even the smallest business has complexity, requires procedures like inventory, Invoicing, multi sales orders, purchase orders and analytics; thus Wendbooks plans are different in database capacity (number of transactions) and not in modules. Small company, then fewer transactions, small database. Growing company, then more transactions, bigger database capacity. You can change plans, add or remove user licenses at any time. See the plans here below.

Wendbooks plans

Compare the plans and select the appropriated for your business. You can change a plan at any time.

Business Size
Number of Users?
Number of Companies?
Company Database Size?
Server Mode?
Standard Modules?
Technical Support?


help you start up
Software Installation
Accounting Support?
Free Accountant License?
Free Training?
Additional Training Packages?
Templates Design?


Additional User
e-Commerce Integration?
SaaS / monthly fee
Home Biz
100 MB


€65 / hour


€20 / user
€20 / plan
sign up
SaaS / monthly fee
Small Biz
1 GB


2x hours
€65 / hour


€30 / user
€40 / plan
sign up
SaaS / monthly fee
Large Biz
10 GB


4x hours
€65 / hour


€60 / user
€90 / plan
sign up
11 - What does 100MB, 1GB, 5GB and 10GB database capacity mean in simple words

Here below is a list of estimated number of transactions per database capacity. As said, the number of transactions is just an estimation since several other factors may increase your database. For example, attachments of any kind, item pictures, number of customers, items, suppliers etc my affect and increase the database size. Audit Trail may also increase your database size significantly.

  • 100MB – estimated 5,000 transactions
  • 1GB – estimated 50,000 transactions
  • 5GB – estimated 250,000
  • 10GB – estimated 500,000 transactions

You may increase your database quota (capacity) by changing your Wendbooks plan.

* Audit Trail keeps track of your changes on the transactions. For example, if you create an invoice, then you save it and then you change it and save it again, Audit Trail will keep the two or more versions of your transaction (in this case the invoice) for audit trail purposes.

12 - What if my accountant isn’t keen on me moving to WendBooks?

We are happy to introduce Wendbooks to Accountants and we can also provide them with some training. You can both benefit from using Wendbooks since you can both contribute entries to the system and your accountant can help you, advice you or correct you at any time without leaving his desk.

13 - Can I add or remove users later?

Yes you may add or remove users / licenses at any time from your database and pay as you go. If things go as expected (we wish you to …), and more licenses are needed then you may purchase additional licenses. If not, then you may reduce the number of licenses that you lease.

14 - What is included in my subscription?

Your subscription includes access to Wendbooks plan you have subscribed, email support, software updates and upgrades.

Blue print (Customization, Training etc) is not included

15 - Will you delete my data if I cancel my account and leave Wendbooks?

In accordance with our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to delete your data 90 days after your subscription expires. We strongly recommend that you export your data (i.e. export important reports like the general ledger in Excel etc.) before your subscription expires if you no longer require the service.

16 - What happens if my account expires and I decided to renew before the 90 days

We reserve the right to delete your data 90 days after subscription expires, but if you decide to renew your subscription before the 90 days expiration then you will need to pay the catch up period to present.

17 - What modules are included?

Check out all current system modules here. Current modules are continuously improved and new modules are added regularly. Unlike to other software vendors we listen to our customer’s feedback.

18 - My company is not located in Cyprus. Why do I have to pay VAT?

Wendbooks is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service). All services, application is based in Cyprus; thus any service provided, it is provided from Cyprus.

19 - I am an accountant / bookkeeper. How Wendbooks can help me and my clients?

We have prepared a special section just for Accountants and Bookkeepers. See how Wendbooks can help you and your clients.
Continue reading here ….

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