Wendbooks ERP for SME's

Wendbooks e-Commerce

Wendbooks to Woo-commerce integration is a Wendbooks additional module / extension that allows the integration and the live communication of your data in Wendbooks with the worlds famous, online shopping, Woo-commerce platform.

Convert your physical store into an on-line store with unlimited capabilities.

Wendbooks to Woo-commerce extension, will help you synchronize your inventory, your customers and your orders with the world famous Woo-commerce platform. Convert web orders into Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices or Cash Sales, select the document template you wish to use, batch email your invoices, synchronize stock quantities and prices plus lot more.

Start your On-Line shopping site today, integrated with Wendbooks


Wendbooks live sync with Woo-commerce includes the following:

  • E-Commerce preferences and settings for setting up default parameters
  • Data mapping to link Wendbooks items fields with Woo-commerce item fields so you sync exactly the data you want.
  • Synchronize Items / Inventory based on data field mapping. That includes any item field (name, description, price, sku, photo etc)
  • Compatible with woo-commerce products and bookings (woo-commerce bookings plugin)
  • Send bulk SMS bookings notifications to remind your clients for up-coming appointments.  
  • View all orders or check for new orders based on a given time interval or manually
  • Instant notification for new web orders if any.
  • Customer order status email notifications
  • Convert Woo Commerce orders to Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices or Cash Sales
  • Link Woo customers with Wendbooks
  • Link Woo taxes with Wendbooks
  • Link Woo payment methods with Wendbooks
  • Link Woo shipping methods with Wendbooks
  • Link Woo discount coupons with Wendbooks


Wendbooks – Woo-commerce compatibility:

  • Woo-commerce Core
  • Woo-commerce B2B
  • Woo-commerce Bookings
  • Woo-commerce Product Add-ons