about us

Our goal is to deliver Business Solutions that matters!!!


MULTICLICK.NET LTD is a Cyprus based and registered firm since 2001. We provide software solutions, focusing on QuickBooks and Wendbooks.

We have 20+ Years of experience and expertise with QuickBooks business solutions. We develop QuickBooks Addons that make sense and we deliver solutions that matter.

We have developed Wendbooks, a smart and modern desktop application with hosted cloud MS SQL database that can deliver outstanding solutions to larger enterprises. Multi-ware houses, bin locations, advanced user access security, access from any windows computer with internet connection are only few of the major advantages.

We also develop and deliver custom applications based on your needs using the latest available technology in the market. We co-operate with companies around the world to ensure that you get the best possible products and services. 

The Philosophy

Here in MULTICLICK.NET LTD we deliver Accounting and Business software solutions since 2001. We deal with QuickBooks and Wendbooks business software and we co-operate with professionals around the world to deliver high quality products. We develop add-ons for QuickBooks and we do our best to deliver to your business the best product with the best possible service. Our experience and our satisfied clients can ensure you that we deliver what we promise. At MULTICLICK.NET we are committed to delivering excellence in specialist professional consulting and recruitment services, as well as IT Infrastructure solutions in the Information Technology arena. Our MULTICLICK.NET philosophy is based upon a desire to make a positive difference. We prefer to work with our clients to deliver outcomes that have real practical value.

The Idea

Customer care was the idea and that is what makes MULTICLICK.NET competitive in the market. Within the growth Cyprus IT Market companies become impersonal and this is exactly what our company is not. We care about our customers, we work together and we deliver the best products, the best quality at the most competitive prices and this not the end. We also provide excellent after sales support because after all, support is what matters.

The Success

The success of MULTICLICK.NET has been achieved by undertaking a strategy of developing business relationships with a long-term view and by working with our clients on a pro-active basis, to make the difference.

The Experience

MULTICLICK.NET carries a depth of IT knowledge supported by in-depth business experience. Our management team is comprised of professional business people with many years experience in both IT and other business disciplines. At MULTICLICK.NET we believe in providing real value to our clients. Whilst we only employ and contract the best people, we operate an efficient business and our infrastructure cost is much lower than that of our competitors. This allows us to offer superior services to our clients at rates that are extremely competitive in the industry.