Wendbooks ERP for SME's

Wendbooks CRM

Wendbooks CRM is an extension of Wendbooks that completes the functionality of the system and makes it easier for a business to reach high quality standards of services.

CRM extension consists on 3 sub modules:

  • Lead Customers
  • Campaigns
  • Email Tickets
  • Additional contacts for Customers and Suppliers
Lead Customers

Any potential client is a lead. Record and manage all your potential customers (leads) in one place in Leads Center. You may add all necessary information, including referrals, create a quotation or ticket, add notes and attachments. You can easily convert a lead into a customer and transfer all the information entered. View analytics and reports for converted leads by company or by representative.

Email Ticket

Email Ticket will help you manage your cases easily and effectively. Add email accounts, setup departments, create cases and lot more. Link your cases with customers, suppliers, leads even with items. Add attachments, transactions all within the same system. Start using Wendbooks CRM today and get benefit of the power a CRM can give to you.

get in touch

This smart module makes it easy for you to ask the system any question regarding customers or suppliers and get their contact details so you can start a campaign. You may use an existing query or build your own. For example, you can ask the system to show all clients that did not show up on a specific period (last year). The query will return the customer contact details as a result of the query. You manage the results the way you want, for example, if you are going to start a campaign via SMS then you may want to remove the duplicated or null mobile numbers from the list or do the same for emails if the campaign will be email based. You can then export the results in Excel or select to start a campaign. If you follow the campaign method then you have to select between SMS or email and the delivery method, give the campaign a title and then start typing your message. You can use mail merge functionality on the message so you make it personal. When done you send the message to the client and the campaign is saved so you can monitor the results and get analytics.