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Compare the plans and select the appropriated for your business. You can change a plan at any time.

Home Biz

and €99 once off signup fees

€495 company/year
(Pay yearly and get 1 month free)
(Price does not include VAT)

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Core System
  • Additional user €40
  • Add 3GB storage €18
  • Add 5GB storage € 30
  • Add 10GB storage €60
  • Telephone support €20
  • Blueprint  €80 / hour

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Small Biz

and €99 once off signup fees

€825 company/year
(Pay yearly and get 1 month free)
(Price does not include VAT)

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Core System
  • Additional user €40
  • Add 3 GB storage €18
  • Add 5GB storage €30
  • Add 10GB storage €60
  • Telephone support €30
  • Blueprint  €80 / hour

Growing Biz

and €99 once off signup fees

€1,650 company/year
(Pay yearly and get 1 month free)
(Price does not include VAT)

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Core System
  • Additional user €40
  • Add 3 GB storage €18
  • Add 5GB storage €30
  • Add 10GB storage €60
  • Telephone support €45
  • Blueprint  €80 / hour

Large Biz

Renews every year

€6,000 company/year
Annual commitment only
(Price does not include VAT)

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Core System
  • Additional user €40
  • Telephone support
  • Blueprint  €80 / hour
accounting and audit firms

For Bulk Licensing, Bookkeeping and Accounting firms are kindly requested to contact us directly

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standard plan modules & extensions

All Wendbooks plans include the Standard Core System Modules which are perfect for a service business. A client may choose to extend the functionality of Wendbooks by adding Extensions like Simple or Advanced Inventory, e-Commerce and CRM.

  • Chart of Accounts with numbering, account names and sub accounts
  • Journal Entries
  • General Ledger
  • Bank Deposits
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Financial Charts & Stats
  • Year End Procedure
  • Quotations
  • Sales Orders
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Cash Sales
  • Receive Payments
  • Customer Statements
  • Customers Charts & Stats
  • Purchase Orders
  • Bills
  • Bill Credit Notes
  • Bill Payments
  • Cash Purchases
  • Suppliers Charts & Stats
  • VAT module for Cyprus standards
  • Submit VAT procedure
  • Custom VAT rates
  • VAT Reports
  • All accounting plus reports like General Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss etc, etc, etc.
  • Vat Summary, Vat Detailed
  • Charts and more...
  • Personalized or Group Reminders on all transactions and attachments.
  • User Dashboard with available content to select for every day monitoring and use.
  • Recurring transactions.
    Create transaction and mark them as standing orders, then, define the execution frequency and relax.
  • Duplicate transactions
  • Batch print transactions.
    Mark transactions as "To be printed" and print them all as a batch. Recurring transactions are auto marked as "To be printed" and "To be emailed"
  • Batch email transactions.
    Send transactions via email using email templates. Create as many email or SMS templates you want, type your own wording and use them when emailing a transaction, statement or SMS statement balance to clients. Add banking payment information PayPal Links for auto payment etc.
  • Send and record emails and SMS from all transactions. Notify customers with their accounting balance, status of their order etc.
  • Multi-user ready
  • Advanced user access level security, be able to specify exactly the areas user has access to
  • On screen layout design.
    You can select the columns to appear on sales transactions (invoices, quotations etc) re-order them or select from custom columns)
  • Warn user for duplicate bill number from the same supplier (available in preferences section)
  • Warn user for duplicate bill payment cheque number from the same bank account (available in preferences section)
  • Last given rate (if selected then Wendbooks will recall and use the last item price / rate and column discount given to the same customer for the same item)
  • Last given rate for Suppliers. If selected then the system will go through all records and finds the latest item rate given for this item and for the given supplier.
  • Advanced login password security policy and easy recover password procedure
  • Inventory Planner will help you automate your purchase orders processing, help you choose what to order and how many to order in terms of quantities, based on given criteria.
  • Inventory Regulator will help you identify stock balances between warehouses and bins. For example, if an Item A QTY is -1 on bin A and +1 on bin B then the system will show this as a possible user input mistake. You can edit the transaction(s) to fix it or use the stock transfer instead in case the transactions are marked as VAT Submitted.
  • Sales Order Fulfillment will help you determine the sales orders that can be fulfilled based on stock levels.
  • Change Item Prices. An easy way to bulk change your item prices.
  • Inventory ready
  • One warehouse
  • Serial Numbers
  • Inventory Regulation
  • Inventory Charts & Stats
  • Sales Order Fulfillment
  • Landing Cost
  • Bulk Change Items Prices

Includes all features of Simple Inventory, plus the following:

  • Multi warehouses
  • Bin locations
  • Inventory Planner

Convert your physical store into an on-line store with only few clicks. Synchronize your Wendbooks inventory and sales with the famous Woo-commerce platform.

  • Wendbooks Inventory items to Woo-commerce product mapping
  • Initial upload and link inventory items into the e-shop.
  • Synchronization of inventory quantities, sales prices etc.
  • Convert e-Shop orders into Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices or Cash Sales considering discount coupons, shipping and taxes
  • Fully compatible with Woo-commerce bookings
  • Send bulk SMS for appointment reminders

Learn more ...

  • Document Attachment
  • Leads Center
  • Data Queries and Campaigns
  • E-mail Ticket Management

Wendbooks FAQs

If you are new to Wendbooks then this is the place to start from. Most of your questions will be answered here.

Wendbooks is a modern style Accounting and ERP system for Small and Medium size firms, that has been developed using the latest Microsoft framework and WPF technology to satisfy the majority of any client needs. It is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) with monthly or annually subscriptions.  The application is installed on your local computer but the database is hosted on the cloud. This makes it easy to access the company database different users from different location without the need of a local server between. All you need is a Windows computer and internet connection. 

One of our main goals is to develop a modern style accounting system that is easy to be used even from inexperienced users.

The database is hosted on the cloud, yet the application is installed on your windows desktop computer. You may install the application to as many computers you want. For example if you own one license then you may install the application on two or more computers but you will only be allowed to open it up from one computer at a time. This helps mobility since you may want to access customer data from both office, home or country house computer.

We use the latest Microsoft SQL as a back end database

We host the databases on branded and reliable data centers overseas in Europe that ensure high availability, GDPR compliance, daily backups and high internet bandwidth.

No, you cannot host your data locally, Wendbooks is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service). Before you completely discard the idea of having your databases hosted on the cloud, just think about the cost of setting up your own infrastructure plus the cost of the support needed to maintain both infrastructure  and databases. After considering that, we are sure that you maybe, change your mind for hosting your own databases locally. ?

The software is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service). The license fee is per database per user and it is based on a monthly / annual subscription basis.

For general purpose service business, price starts at €45 VAT excluded for the basic plan. That includes all default modules a service business needs. Business owners have the option to add extensions, like, simple or advanced inventory, e-Commerce integration or even upgrade their default database capacity.

Prices  are fixed at the time of the agreement for the selected plan and number of users, and will remain the same during the period you keep your subscription active except in cases where other uncontrolled outside factors determine differently. In case that you upgrade your service or add more users then a new agreement / contract is required and the prices given for the new plan and or new users will be the prices listed at the date of the new agreement.

Simple inventory includes 1 warehouse with no bin locations where advanced inventory includes multiple warehouses and bin locations. For a complete comparison see the extension details here

The default database capacity is 1GB which is enough space for every small business, nevertheless, the increased volume in number of transactions, the attachments, the upgrade to simple or advanced inventory or additional modules may result to the possibility of upgrading the database capacity size.

We are happy to introduce Wendbooks to Accountants and we can also provide them with some training. You can both benefit from using Wendbooks since you can both contribute entries to the system and your accountant can help you, advice you or correct you at any time without leaving his desk.

The default service includes 3x users but yes, you may add or remove users / licenses at any time from your database and pay as you go. If things go as expected (we wish you to ...), and more licenses are needed then you may purchase additional licenses. If not, then you may reduce the number of licenses that you lease.

Your subscription includes all system core modules like (Quotations, sales orders, invoices, credit note, customer payments, cash sales, purchase orders, bills, bill payments, bill credit notes, cash purchases, multiple currencies, etc). You can always add extensions like, inventory, e-commerce etc.

In accordance with our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to delete your data 90 days after your subscription expires. We strongly recommend that you export your data (i.e. export important reports like the general ledger in Excel etc.) before your subscription expires if you no longer require the service.

We reserve the right to delete your data 90 days after subscription expires, but if you decide to renew your subscription before the 90 days expiration then you will need to pay the catch up period to present.

Check out all current system modules here. Current modules are continuously improved and new modules are added regularly. Unlike to other software vendors we listen to our customer’s feedback.

Wendbooks is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service). All services, application is based in Cyprus; thus any service provided, it is provided from Cyprus.

We have prepared a special section just for Accountants and Bookkeepers. See how Wendbooks can help you and your clients.
Continue reading here ….

Blueprint is a term used to describe consultancy and other services related to software setup, configuration, training, templates design, and other consultancy services. This is an hourly rated service.

Shared Server determines that your company database will be hosted on a shared server. On this case, your company database shares the server resources among other company databases hosted on the same server.

Dedicated Server determines that your company database will be the only one hosted on a specific server. This option is suggested for large business or for business with a huge amount of data, > 5GB. Dedicated server provides faster results in terms of performance.