what is wendbooks?

Business Accounting Software and Beyond

Wendbooks is a modern style business Accounting, Stock Control and CRM system developed using the latest Microsoft framework and WPF technology to satisfy the majority of any client needs. It is a desktop application yet with a cloud database for mobility.

You can use Wendbooks to:
  • Keep track of your inventory (single or multiple warehouses)
  • Handle customers and accounts receivable through Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments and Cash Sales
  • Record your deposits and complete with bank reconciliation
  • Handle Purchases and Accounts Payable through Purchase Orders, Purchase Bills and Credit notes, Supplier Payments and Cash Purchases
  • Manage and complete your VAT return
  • Run Reports, Charts and other Statistic and Analytics for your company, your customers, suppliers or inventory
  • Recurring transactions make it easy for you to schedule transactions to occur on a frequency that you choose.
  • Send invoices, quotations etc with emails and assign attachments and notes to any transaction.


  • Advance user access level security to tell the system who and where has access to.
  • And lot more to help you manage your business finances and your company daily routine activities.
Everything you need to run your business financial is there for you.

Manage your VAT, create reports, analyse graphs, evaluate customers and suppliers, all in a single package.

Write internal notes on your transactions, attach documents, email or anything important to you on your transaction that can be useful later.

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e-Shop integration (woo-commerce)

Convert your physical store into an on-line store with unlimited capabilities.

Wendbooks to Woo-commerce integration module, will help you synchronize your inventory, your customers and your orders with the world famous Woo-commerce platform.Convert web orders into Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices or Cash Sales, select the document template you wish to use, batch email your invoices, synchronize stock quantities and prices plus lot more.

Everything you need to run your on-line store is there for you.

wendbooks for everyone

No matter if you are the owner of a small, tiny home business or the owner of a large business with 30 employees, Wendbooks is for all. We strongly believe that even the smallest business has complexity, requires procedures like inventory, Invoicing, multi sales orders, purchase orders and analytics; thus Wendbooks plans are different in database capacity (number of transactions) and not in modules. Small company, then fewer transactions, small database. Growing company, then more transactions, bigger database capacity. You can change plans, add or remove user licenses at any time.

Wendbooks is here and is for everyone!!!


Today business need mobility, easy to use interface and functionality. Wendbooks have them all.

No matter if you are in the office, travelling abroad or in the field. You may access Wendbooks either from your windows computer or your Android mobile device such as your mobile phone or tablet. Only requirement is internet availability.

Try Wendbooks today and bring your business to the next level.

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  • Forget long contracts, expensive infrastructure, backups and other expensive technology devices.
  • Pay monthly, pay as you go with fairly low monthly or yearly subscriptions.
  • Add or remove users at any time.
  • Easy to scale, easy to expand your business.
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