Do the math.

The game has been changed! Grab the opportunity and help your clients grow with Wendbooks solutions.


of small to medium size business in Cyprus have a need of an in-house accounting software or ERP but they just don’t know it, yet! Simple modules like invoicing, inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, performance reports etc are ignored. Build your next client solution with Wendbooks and help them get organized.


of small business owners have basic, limited, or no accounting knowledge at all. Help your client to understand the numbers and the real meaning behind the figures, help them grow and grow your business with them! What a great opportunity for you, the accountant, to earn money by training them!


of trading business can sell their products on-line and benefit from e-commerce but they don’t because of ignorance. Did you know that Wendbooks e-Commerce extension can connect your business to Woo-Commerce platform? Yes, is true. Synchronize your inventory with your e-shop and start accepting orders through Wendbooks. 


discount on licenses and other Wendbooks extensions. A considerable growing monthly recurring income for you to benefit or to pass it over to your clients. It’s up to you to chose. 


Wendbooks for Accountants / Bookkeepers

Are you an accountant or a bookkeeping firm? Then you will find Wendbooks Accounting Software ideal for your business and your clients, especially for SME’s.  Let me explain..

Cloud accounting platforms, offer to accountants and bookkeepers professionals a new challenging environment and a new income opportunity.

Nowadays, most of the small business owners would love to have an in house accounting and inventory control system, be able to issue invoices, receipts, statements and all the benefits arising by utilizing a proper accounting software. What stops them from doing so is:

  • the price of a such solution
  • they are not accountants or bookkeepers; thus, they have to invest more on training and this would definitely raise the project price vertically.
Here is where Wendbooks can help both business owners and accountants.
  • Wendbooks database is hosted on the cloud so both business owner and accountant can contribute to database entries.
    • Business owner can only learn the basis (for example how to issue invoices, receive payments, purchase stock); thus forget the high training expenses
    • The accountant can connect to complete the entries with journals, expenses, bank reconciliations, vat submit etc. and they can do all these from the comfort of their office.  I know what you are thinking so do not worry, we have developed a very strong user access level security so users (business owners) will have access only where you allow them to.
  • Everybody is happy, business owners are happy because they finally have an in-house accounting system where they can get the information they want at the time they need it, and you the accountants, can help your client grow his business, be more professional, go digital (forget manual receipts) etc.
  • Your books are ready for audit with your client productive contribution.
  • You get special prices for you and your clients that you can benefit from.
  • We train you and you train your clients earning a considerable revenue out of Wendbooks training.

So, if you are an accountant or a bookkeeper then give us a call or send us your email, we would love to co-operate with your business and help your clients too. Contact us now to to learn more.


The benefits of Cloud Computing


There is a main reason why Cloud Computing is becoming nowadays more and more famous among business. If I had to recall some major benefits of changing to cloud, those would be:

Achieve economies of scale
Increase volume output or productivity with fewer people. Your cost per unit, project or product plummets.

Reduce expenses on technology infrastructure. 
Maintain easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending. Pay as you go (weekly, quarterly or yearly), based on demand.

Globalize your workforce on the cheap. 
People worldwide can access the cloud, provided they have an Internet connection.

Streamline processes. 
Get more work done in less time with less people.

Reduce capital costs. 
There’s no need to spend big money on hardware, software or licensing fees.

Improve accessibility. 
You have access anytime, anywhere, making your life so much easier!

Monitor projects more effectively. 
Stay within budget and ahead of completion cycle times.

Less personnel training is needed. 
It takes fewer people to do more work on a cloud, with a minimal learning curve on hardware and software issues.

Minimize licensing new software. 
Stretch and grow without the need to buy expensive software licenses or programs.

Improve flexibility. 
You can change direction without serious “people” or “financial” issues at stake.