Wendbooks version – UI Improvements

Wendbooks version contains various UI Improvements and fixes

  • New – User small profile is now available. Now users can change their name and also can add their mobile number. Mobile will be handy in the future since is more direct than email in case of important notifications about the application. We encourage all users to add their mobile numbers to their profile.
    How to edit a user profile.
    Login as normally and on the company selection window, select from the top right corner My Account > Edit Profile or after selecting a company, from the top right corner select the Login Information icon and click on My Account.
  • New – The forgot password option has been moved under the My Account menu in the company selection window after the login
  • Improved – Selecting an Account on Journal entries, Bills or Cash Purchases, you can now see the account number and the full name of the account underneath
  • Improved – Improvements have been made to the drop down used to show or search for an account to make it easier for the user to identify and use each account.
  • Other – Various other minor fixes and improvements

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