Wendbooks version – SMS Messages and Custom Fields

what is new on version

Wendbooks comes with new and exciting features such as ability to add custom fields on Customer and Supplier details and SMS Notification functionality.

Custom Fields

You can now add up to 5 custom fields to Customer and Supplier Center and you can also select to display those fields on transactions.

How to setup custom fields

The following requires administration privileges.

  1. From the top tab menu select Administration and then go to Transactions Lay out
  2. On the first tab, Custom Fields, select accordingly Customers or Suppliers
  3. On the column Display Name, type the name of the new field and click the 3 dots (…) next to it to select where to display the new custom field. Select All if you want this new field to appear in Customer details and all customer transactions or choose accordingly.

(Note that, by selecting to display a field on the invoice for example, does not mean that will also appear on the invoice print out. To display the new field on the invoice print out then you will have to contact us and re-design or create a new invoice template for you).

SMS Notifications and E-mail changes

The Email icon on the transaction icon bar (i.e. invoice) has now been replaced by the Share Icon to include both emails and SMS notifications. Use this new Share icon to notify customers via email or SMS. Choose a template and then select email or SMS to send your message. Similar to email templates, you may create additional templates with merge fields (right click the mouse while editing a template to insert fields from Wendbooks database), or choose from the existing ones to send to your customer or simply select any template, remove the contents and start typing your own message.

All your emails and SMS that are sent directly from a transaction are now recorded within the system and only system Admin can delete them. You can find the messages within the transactions (at the right side bar), or in the centers (i.e. the customer center, note the Sent Messages bar)

If you have already been sending Statement of Accounts via SMS then you do not need to apply any settings for the SMS functionality to work.

In case you have not been using SMS in the system before then you will need to apply the following settings:

  1. SMS works only with Cyta Mobile / Vodahone mobile number
  2. Go to https://www.cyta.com.cy/mycyta-register?haveac=1 to create a My Cyta Account
  3. Follow the instructions to create a Web SMS API
  4. Login to Wendbooks with Administrator privileges, then go to the Administration Tab, click Preferences, then SMS settings and set the username and Key given by My Cyta on the section Web SMS API

Feel free to contact us for further information or support

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