Wendbooks version – Sales Order to Purchase Order Improvement

What is new on version

  • Improved – Previously, you could only create one Purchase Order from a Sales Order, but what if a Sales Order contains items that have to be purchased not from one but from different Suppliers, and this is what is this improvement all about.

A new column has been added at the end of the Sales Order columns and is called ON P.O. and one more column S.O. # has been added at the end of the Purchase Order that will show the sales order number. The ON P.O. column will list the item qtys that have been placed on Purchase Order and are linked with this sales order. If you click on the hyperlink then it will show up the purchase orders as well. Select the purchase order from the list to follow. If you open a purchase order that has been generated from a sales order then you will see the S.O. #. You may click the link to open the sales order.

See the screenshot below.

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