Wendbooks version – Security Updates and General Fixes

The following changes / fixes apply to this release

  • A Group by Year function has been added to the following charts:
    • Improved – Supplier Net Purchases and Expenses Monthly / Yearly Comparison
    • Improved – Supplier Activity chart by Month or Year
    • Improved – Customer Net Sales Comparison by Month or Year
    • Improved – Customer Activity by Month or Year
  • Fixed – When selecting a supplier on a bill that has no default VAT code then the VAT code S appeared as default. This has been fixed. If a supplier has no default VAT then the VAT code will be blank on the bill.
  • Fixed – When creating a new item, the default warehouse drop-down was empty. This has been fixed. You can now choose the default warehouse for a new item.
  • Fixed – A minor issue with customer statements on ageing analysis
  • Fixed – An issue preventing user to create purchase orders from Inventory Planer has been fixed
  • General – Few more minor issues
  • Improved – Security enchantments

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