Wendbooks version – More security and UI improvements

Transaction Status

We have placed some status on transactions to help you visually identify for the status of the transaction you are viewing. For example, If an invoice is fully paid then you will see the status Paid in Full next to the invoice title on the header. You can click on it to see the invoice history.

Receive Payments and Pay Bills button

Following your suggestions, which we do appreciate a lot, we have added a Receive Payment button on the invoice and a Pay Bill button on bills so it will be easier for you to receive a payment while on the invoice or pay the bill while you are in the bill.

User secure connection identification

Security was always our priority. We have improved security and we have added more information to be tracked while a user is connecting on the database and when a user is saving or modifying a transaction.

Wendbooks will track the IP address, the platform used (Windows or Android) and the device name.

These information can be found in two locations.

  • In the Audit Trail report
  • By moving the mouse over the Created by or Last Modified By labels at the bottom of each transaction. The additional information will appear as a tool tip text.


This update also contains several other minor fixes and patches

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