Wendbooks version – Customers and Suppliers Default VAT Code

What is new on version

Customers and Suppliers default VAT codes are now active.
You can setup default VAT codes for customers and suppliers to use on transactions. The customer or supplier default VAT code has a priority over the item or account VAT code.
For example, creating an invoice with Item that has a default VAT code S, for a customer with default VAT code EG1, the customer VAT code will overwrite item VAT code, so the invoice will end up with VAT code EG1 on all items.

To setup default VAT code for customers, go to Customer > Customer Center, double click a customer to show details and then from the left Tab select Account details and enter the default TAX. Same for suppliers.
Please note that while in a transaction, for example invoice, you can change the default VAT code and apply it to all invoice new lines or existing ones.

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