PANAVA AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES LTD is a Cyprus based firm specializing on automobile lubricants. Panava is the exclusive importer and distributor of Kroon-Oil, Putoline and Rowe Oil in Cyprus.


PANAVA project includes Wendbooks ERP for their financial needs and inventory, a business website, e-Commerce solution for their online shop, Wendbooks to e-Commerce extension for live inventory sync and orders processing between their online store and Wendbooks. The online store has an advanced integration with Kroon Oil databases in order to retrieve item information, specs and attributes from Kroon oil directly to Panava online store. A potential client can visit Panava website and click the button for product recommendation. The system will divert the client to Kroon-oil website where he can start typing his vehicle model. Kroon-oil website will recommend the right product and by clicking the BUY button user will be re-diverted to Panava e-shop with the selected product at front of him to purchase it.

The target of the solution was to allow customers to find the right lubricant for their vehicle and purchase it online. Wendbooks ERP is fully integrated with the Online store module to sync inventory items, process and convert web orders to invoices or sales orders, create invoices and payment receipts. The management and the users now have an easy, smart and efficient way to run the business, automate processing, and get a 360 degrees meaningful information and reporting.