C.A.M.A. Express Trucks & Cars MOT LTD is a Cyprus based firm. They provide MOT inspection for all kind of vehicles (cars and trucks), as per Republic of Cyprus MOT rules and regulations 


CAMA MOT project includes Wendbooks ERP for their financial needs, business website, e-Commerce for MOT online booking and Wendbooks to e-Commerce extension for live booking processing between online booking and Wendbooks.

The target of the solution was to allow customers to book online their MOT appointment, get reminders for their appointment via email or SMS and get notified when their next MOT date approaches. Wendbooks ERP is fully integrated with the Online Booking module to process the booking orders, create invoices and payment receipts and send email or SMS reminders for booking appointments. The management and the users now have an easy, smart and efficient way to runn the business, automate processing, and get a 360 degrees meaningful information and reporting.