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QuickBooks 2020 is just amazing and comes with new exciting, important and useful features. This article outlines the features introduced in QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier and Accountant 2020 compared to 2019 version.

quickbooks 2020 is here

QuickBooks 2020 is here with new exciting features to help your company daily financial activities.

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Automated Payment Reminders

Automated payment reminders is a new and a smart feature on QuickBooks 2020 where you can identify, prepare and send payment reminders to your clients via email based on certain criteria.

For all those customers of yours where they need to see their purchase order number to your invoice, you can now make their life easier. In QuickBooks 2020, you can add the Customer Purchase Order Number field in your email template so is the first thing they see when they receive your email.

You may already know that you can mark a transaction as Email later. What you don’t know is that, QuickBooks 2020 allows you to combine transactions into one email.

Easily find and open your company files with the addition of a file search option on the No company open screen.

Accessibility enhancements to improve usability for vision-challenged users on the Bills, Invoice and Write Check screens.

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