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It is recommended that you save the download file on your computer or another media since you may need it again in the future and this link is not available any more.

Important: You will need a valid license to install QuickBooks. You can use your existing license if you have any, or purchase a new license from our store. Please note that the links listed here are not trial versions. Click here to ask for your Free Trial

If the above links are not working or you need a self service help on how to install QuickBooks from download then this link will help you do it so. Just make sure that you download the UK version and the proper release: https://downloads.quickbooks.com/app/qbdt/products 

QuickBooks DISCONTINUED versions


What is QuickBooks Desktop Discontinuation Policy?

Each QuickBooks Product is generally supported for a period of up to three years. For example, the support for QuickBooks 2016 ended on May 31st 2019.

It is highly recommended that you always check the details of QuickBooks discontinuation policy.

Discontinuation Policy in simple words

Product discontinuation does not mean that you can not use the product. What it does mean, is that you can not use or ask for several services related to the product like:

  • QuickBooks updates
  • Request for additional users
  • Registration / Activation
  • Manuals
  • Help and Support
  • Password recovery (recovered database will be returned to the latest version of QuickBooks)
  • Database recover after corruption (recovered database will be returned to the latest version of QuickBooks)
  • Payroll updates if you are using any
  • etc.

Which QuickBooks versions are discontinued?

The following QuickBooks versions are discontinued as per QuickBooks disco policy.

Why I can not receive any support from MULTICLICK.NET if my QuickBooks version is discontinued?

If your QuickBooks version has been discontinued then, here at MULTICLICK.NET we cannot provide any kind of support for the following reasons:

  • Support information for discontinued versions became rear and time consuming since there is no access to information related to the version that has been discontinued.
  • Compatibility issues with windows versions or other related software prevent us from providing the quality of the support we want to provide.

We encourage all QuickBooks users who their QuickBooks product has been discontinued to upgrade to the latest release. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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