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As you have already noticed, individuals and firms, nowadays, are choosing cloud systems for their solutions. The reason is quite obvious to some of us but for those who have not grasped the benefits yet; cloud provides safety, mobility, backup, savings on hardware and software cost, easy distribution, connectivity between different office locations, easy office expansion and other major advantages that only cloud computing can provide.

how do i know if i need MY quickbooks DESKTOP in the cloud or not?

You definitely don’t need cloud if you are a stand alone QuickBooks user. Here are some of the criteria to help you identify if you need to move your QuickBooks desktop on the cloud or not.

  • Your business is located in several locations and users must be connected and use the same QuickBooks database (company file)
  • Firm employees who are also QuickBooks users are working from home or travelling a lot and need access to QuickBooks company files.
  • You always want to use and utilize the latest technology but you don’t have the budget to setup and host in-house your own hardware and software. Your cloud contract may includes software and hardware upgrades.
  • System availability and down time. What is the minimum systems down time that you accept for your business? Data centers claim to provide 99% availability
  • Have you ever set and tested system failures and disaster scenarios recovery plans in your company? A good cloud solution may solve this issue. 


8 reasons why your business needs to move to the cloud
  1. Reduced costs. Establishing and running your own infrastructure with a proper server  and other related and necessary equipment might be expensive. …
  2. Flexibility. One of the major benefits of cloud computing is mobility. …
  3. Scalability. …
  4. No need for a backup plan. …
  5. Data security. …
  6. A wide range of options. …
  7. Improved collaboration.
  8. Have you ever thought of the electricity cost?




how can multiclick.net help you?

If you are thinking of moving in to the cloud then we can definitely help you. We have the experience, the expertise and the right people to help you identify your needs, plan, implement and finally move your business in the cloud.

We co-operate with data centers overseas and we can provide you with:

  • Cloud Windows Server
  • Cloud Windows Terminal Server
  • Cloud Windows Desktops
  • QuickBooks installation and configuration services on your cloud server and even more.

All you need to do is do contact us and describe your needs. You will be amazed how QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud can help your business.


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