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The perfect way to complete and automate your QuickBooks daily activities.

what is a QuickBooks Add-on?

A QuickBooks add-on is an application that stands outside QuickBooks user interface but can communicate and exchange data with QuickBooks database(s) in order to complete a specific task.

Why should I use a QuickBooks Add-on?

Simple question! QuickBooks Add-ons is the perfect way to complete and automate your QuickBooks daily activities. Save time and avoid mistakes with a QuickBooks Add-on.

I didn’t get it. Can you you give me an example?

Think of an eCommerce website that customers login and purchase goods. At the end of each day, you have to collect all the orders and create an invoice or a sales receipt for every order before shipping the products. This could be a manual and a time consuming process where user can also do mistakes especially if you have plenty of orders within the day. This manual process can be automated. One of our Add-ons, QuickBooks import utilities can help you import your orders in QuickBooks in a batch process as Invoices , Sales Receipt etc. Job is done, sales have been recorded, inventory is correct. 

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Import Utilities for QuickBooks

Import into QuickBooks from Text or Excel spreadsheets at no time! Select your source file, setup your mapping template and start importing data into QuickBooks at no time. Multi-line transactions are also included.

Ideal for importing web e-shop transactions, or any other data input that occur on a regular basis.

The idea is really simple.

  1. Select your source file (TXT or Excel)
  2. Select from existing fields mapping template or create a new mapping template
    • If you create a new template then set the preferences (duplicates handling, error handling etc.)
    • Select the QuickBooks table to map the source file.
    • Map the columns found from the source file to the QuickBooks table data field.
    • Save the template so you can always use the same template for same source files.
  3. Preview and import your data.
  • Import from TXT or Excel files (no records limit)
  • Create as many import templates you want, mapped with different QuickBooks tables
  • Multi-line transactions are also supported.
  • Multicurrency and exchange rate support.
  • Duplicates and error handling preferences.
  • You can share Template schema between users
  • Preview data before importing.
  • Compatible with QuickBooks UK version 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows server 2008 and 2012
  • includes support

Timothy is the founder and the manager of an accounting firm. Lot of his clients send him their transactions (multi line, foreign currency, etc) in Excel file format and Timothy was looking for an easy, straight forward way to import them into QuickBooks.

Import Utilities for QuickBooks was just perfect for the job. Timothy prepared a mapping template once for each customer to match his excel transactions and now it is a matter of few minutes to import client transactions into QuickBooks.

We are always using the latest technology; thus, our QuickBooks Addons development are compatible with the latest QuickBooks UK and US Desktop versions

landed cost Utilities for QuickBooks

Do you do overseas imports? Is stock enabled on your QuickBooks?

If the answer     is YES then Landed Cost Utilities for QuickBooks is a must have software.
This smart module will help you adjust all shipping and related to your supplier bill expenses and get the correct average cost on your stock items. In addition, it will let you mass change your item sales price based on the new     average cost, so you always have the control over your stock sales prices.

Everything you need to complete your imports accounting cycle can be found on this module. QB LANDED COST includes the following modules, all integrated with QuickBooks UK Pro, Premier and Enterprise:

  • Enter purchase items bills into QuickBooks
  • Enter all related shipping expenses to either the same or different bill
  • Start Landed Cost Utilities
  • Find and load the Purchase bill
  • Find and load all additional bills for related expenses
  • Click the Adjust Expenses and you are done.


You can change the cost or sales price into QuickBooks for items in your purchase bill, based on new average cost. Always be competivie.

  • Landed Cost on Full or Groupage mode
  • Allocated shipping expenses using either:
    • Per item cost where expenses are allocated on a percentage value calculated based on each item cost.
    • Metric (M3) where expenses are allocated based on the storage capacity each item occupies in your cargo.
  • Bulk change item prices in QuickBooks based on latest average cost or other formulas.

George is the founder and the manager of a company importing goods from other countries for trading purposes. Keeping track of landed expenses such as shipping and freight, transportation to the store etc was a nightmare. He was never absolutely sure if the items he imports and sells have the right selling price because of the long, complicated manual process of adjusting the landed cost to every item cost. In addition, a profit and loss report from QuickBooks was never accurate for cost of goods sold because the luck of the landed expenses been adjusted on the item cost / average cost price.

George is now using Landed Cost for QuickBooks.  The manual process has now be replaced by the automated utility process, landed cost is adjusted on stock items in QuickBooks, profit and loss reports is accurate since items include landed cost and in addition, George can now use the addon to change the sales prices based on the items new average cost.

We are always using the latest technology; thus, our QuickBooks Addons development are compatible with the latest QuickBooks UK and US Desktop versions

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