QuickBooks upgrade to a newer version guide

If you have just purchased a new QuickBooks and you want to upgrade your existing data to the latest version then you can take a look here on this link upgrade guide

Basic upgrade procedure

Follow these steps for each one of your company files (databases). Remember that the upgrade is possible from the same country version. For example UK to UK (not US to UK QuickBooks version)

  • Rule number # 1, backup your database before anything else
  • On your existing old version, open the database as admin and from the top menu bar select FILE > UTILITIES > REBUILD DATA. This  will scan the database for errors and will try fix them. When rebuild is completed select FILE > UTILITIES > VERIFY DATA. This will check and notify you if errors have been found on the database after rebuilding it. If everything looks OK then proceed to the next step.
  • Create and print a Trial Balance for a given period. You can compare the trial balance before and after the upgrade just to make sure that all your figures are correct.
  • Copy (DO NOT CUT) your database working files (*.QBW) or database backup files (*.QBB) on your preferred location (local computer is always recommended. You can transfer the databases back on the network after the upgrade is completed)
  • Open the new QuickBooks version and select FILE > OPEN OR RESTORE COMPANY
  • If you restore from a QBW (working file) then you can select open a company file or, if you only have the backups (QBB) then you must select the restore a backup copy option. Follow the on screen instructions for each of your selections.
  • During the upgrade, QuickBooks may notify you that you must change your password. This is because newer QuickBooks versions have a stronger user password policy.
  • When the upgrade is completed, go to FILE > UTILITIES > REBUILD DATA to again scan the database for error and try fix them. After the rebuild is completed click the view issues button to check that you have zero issues. If you have issues then run the rebuild again. If issues found again then you may need to contact us for some expert support. 


Upgrade Tips

  • Never run database upgrade over the network. It is recommended that you upgrade the databases on your local machine.
  • If you have a slow network or large databases then it is recommended that you transfer the databases on your local machine before you run any rebuild or verify data procedure. Slow network or network interruption may result to a loss of data or corrupted databases.
  • Your rebuild and upgrade procedure requires all your computer available resources, so, it is a good idea if you close any other applications, remove any computer screen saver or sleep or settings.
  • The time required for rebuilding your database depends on your database locations (network drive or local), the size of your database and the performance of your computer.
  • Make sure that your new QuickBooks has been updated to the latest release. To check if there are available updates for your current version, go to HELP > UPDATE QUICKBOOKS DESKTOP


Important: Upgrading from 2006 or older version, requires a different approach, step by step upgrading procedure. If this is the case then contact us to discuss your needs and we can help you upgrading your data for a fee. See our upgrading fees here

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