How to Rebuild your QuickBooks database

As Intuit QuickBooks states on its support center… “The Rebuild Data utility is designed to repair damage in a QuickBooks company file. The Rebuild utility parses the data file and attempts to repair or update data found to be in an incorrect state.” 

Further to this statement, we found through our experience, that a regular rebuild of your QuickBooks database will significantly improve your QuickBooks performance, especially in large databases or in a multi-user environment. It is also a good idea to rebuild your database before completing some specific tasks or reporting. For example, rebuild your database before any financial reporting that will be used for official use, like auditors ledger, profit and loss, balance sheet and definitely before producing VAT reports and file your VAT on QuickBooks.

Before running the Rebuild procedure

  • Before rebuilding your database, make sure that you login into QuickBooks in single user mode.
  • Rebuilding a database can be a computer resource consuming process; thus is a good idea if you close any other applications to help QuickBooks run the process as smoothly as possible and utilize the maximum of your computer resources. Any screen savers or power sleep plans should be disabled.
  • If databases are kept on a network host location then you may want to transfer them into your local computer and rebuild them from there, especially if the databases are large. This is because your network might be interrupted or your network speed is not the appropriated one.
  • Always keep a good standing backup before the rebuild

How to rebuild your QuickBooks database

  • From the top menu select FILE > UTILITIES > REBUILD DATA
  • QuickBooks will notify that a backup will follow prior to the rebuild. Do not overwrite existing backups.
  • QuickBooks will notify you when rebuild is done and will prompt you to view the results. Click to view the results. If issues found is zero then you are good to go. If issues found then run the rebuild again and check the results. If you still have issues then you need to contact for a QuickBooks support.

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