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How do I switch from QuickBooks Trial to QuickBooks Paid version

If you have the QuickBooks trial version installed on the same computer that you plan to install the proper paid version of QuickBooks then it is recommended that you follow these steps. If you have created a database using the free trial that you want to save then make a backup of your database before […]

How to restore a QuickBooks backup

Restoring a QuickBooks backup might be tricky some times. Here are some useful information that might be helpful.   From the top menu select File > Open or Restore  Company Select Restore a Backup Copy and click next Browse to locate your backup file *.QBW and click Open The next screen will remind you for […]

How to properly backup QuickBooks Databases

Lot have been written and said about QuickBooks backups, different approaches, method etc. One thing is for sure; backup is critical and should never be underestimated. When everything goes wrong you will always turn to your backups; thus your backups should be there, up to date, ready to be used, updated and the most important, […]

How to Rebuild your QuickBooks database

As Intuit QuickBooks states on its support center… “The Rebuild Data utility is designed to repair damage in a QuickBooks company file. The Rebuild utility parses the data file and attempts to repair or update data found to be in an incorrect state.”  Further to this statement, we found through our experience, that a regular […]

How to Install QuickBooks RxP update

QuickBooks releases a patch version update (NOT a new QuickBooks version), on a regular basis. In this article will try to explain how to properly install the patch update, either in a single or in a multi user environment. Please note that QuickBooks releases patch updates only for active, not discontinued versions. QuickBooks will automatically […]

How to Activate QuickBooks

There are two different ways to activate QuickBooks desktop after installation. Activate it over the internet by filling in your details using a built in QuickBooks registration form. Internet connection is required Using a Validation / Activation code. No internet connection is required. Activate over the internet If QuickBooks haven’t prompt you yet to active […]

QuickBooks upgrade to a newer version guide

If you have just purchased a new QuickBooks and you want to upgrade your existing data to the latest version then here is the link to the upgrade guide. Important: Upgrading from 2006 or older version, requires a different approach, step by step upgrading procedure. If this is the case then contact us to discuss your […]

Transfer QuickBooks License to another computer

Please note Before anything else, make sure that you backup all your company databases to a save location. The procedure below will only install QuickBooks and transfer the software license to the new computer. It will not transfer the company files (databases). Company files should be either backed up and restored on the new computer […]

Need a dedicated QuickBooks support?

If you are uncertain about how to proceed with QuickBooks or you have specific issues or need help then you may want to try our dedicated paid support. We offer a variety of QuickBooks services such as Training, Support Plans, Installations or even Pay Per Incident help. You may find all services we offer here […]