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Wendbooks version – various fixes

Wendbooks version contains various fixes for better functionality and performance Fixed – Customer and Supplier custom fields do not appear when converting a Quotation to Sales Order or Invoice, Sales Order to Invoice and Purchase Order to Bill. Fixed – Other minor fixes and improvements

Wendbooks version – New Report and other improvements

Wendbooks version contains a new report and performance improvements. New – Purchase Orders vs Bill analysis report has been added. You can find the report in Supplier section, Purchases Reports, Purchase Orders Vs Bills Analysis. The purpose of the report is to analyze the status of each purchase order line against the received bills […]

Wendbooks version – Various fixes and improvements

Wendbooks version contains various fixes and performance improvement. Fixed – Some times the application throws an exception after sending an email template Various fixes and performance improvements

Wendbooks version – Various fixes and improvements

Wendbooks version contains various fixes and performance improvement. Sent messages main page for admins. All sent message notifications are now available in a single page in Administration section. Admins can now manage or delete message notifications in a batch form. Message notifications can be deleted only by system admins. Users can not delete recorded […]

Wendbooks version – SMS Messages and Custom Fields

Wendbooks comes with new and exciting features such as ability to add custom fields on Customer and Supplier details and SMS Notification functionality.

Wendbooks version – Item History (Sales and Purchase)

We believe that the right information at the right time is priceless; thus, we continue enhancing Wendbooks with more functionality so that the right information is easily available to the user when needed. This update is exactly about this. Ηow many times you have been wondering what was the rate you have charged the client […]

Wendbooks version – Recall last rate on Suppliers and Purchases

What is new on version New – Recall last rate has now been extended to Suppliers and Purchases. Previously was available on customers and sales transactions. Similar to the Recall last rate for customers, you can either set this as a default preference on the supplier or enable it before start entering items in […]

Wendbooks version – Sales Order to Purchase Order Improvement

What is new on version Improved – Previously, you could only create one Purchase Order from a Sales Order, but what if a Sales Order contains items that have to be purchased not from one but from different Suppliers, and this is what is this improvement all about. A new column has been added […]