Cloud provides safety, mobility, backup, savings on hardware and software cost, easy distribution and office expansion.

What about QuickBooks desktop in the Cloud?

Need to give access to several users from different locations (WAN) into the same QuickBooks databases? Then QuickBooks desktop in the cloud might be the right solution for you.

Sample scenario: George and Maria are working in Nicosia office, their colleagues, Mary and Costas are working in Limassol office and Jonathan is located in Dubai. They all want to have access to QuickBooks and share the same company database. How this could be possible? The answer is QuickBooks in the cloud.

We co-operate with data centers overseas and we can provide you with:

  • Cloud Windows Server
  • Cloud Windows Terminal Server
  • Cloud Windows Desktops
  • QuickBooks installation and configuration services on your cloud server and even more.

You have a need, we have a solution.

To find more about QuickBooks desktop cloud computing, prices etc., then please contact us, describe your business solution needs, and let us quote you.
You will be amazed how QuickBooks in the cloud can help your business.

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