what is wendbooks?

Business Accounting Software and Beyond

Wendbooks is a modern style business Accounting, Stock Control and CRM system developed using the latest Microsoft framework and WPF technology to satisfy the majority of any client needs. It is a desktop application yet with a cloud database for mobility.

You can use Wendbooks to keep track of your inventory, create purchase orders, purchase bills, pay suppliers, create customer quotations, sales orders, invoices, cash sales, payment receipts etc. Everything you need to run your business is there for you.

Manage your VAT, create reports, analyse graphs, evaluate customers and suppliers, all in a single package.

Write internal notes on your transactions, attach documents, email or anything important to you on your transaction that can be useful later.


Today business need mobility, easy to use interface and functionality. Wendbooks have them all.

No matter if you are in the office, travelling abroad or in the field. You may access Wendbooks either from your windows computer or your Android mobile device such as your mobile phone or tablet. Only requirement is internet availability.

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